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Self-Taught & Visionary Art in New Zealand

In this category, words, poetry or text-based messages dominate the work.

The term ‘Preacher Art’ is a reference to the art that came out of the southern states in the USA. Preachers (sometimes self-ordained) would decorate their properities with religious pronouncements.

Within the context of New Zealand, the artists in the survey seem to prefer to make quiet works rather than bold displays. Rather than making proclamations, the work gives voice to a personal belief whether it be religious, social or political.

Some artists record lists within their works—lists of countries or garden tools—naming and locating things (and themselves) in the world.


Example Works

  • Down with the SystemRay Ritchie,
    Down with the System
  • Reality is a quite a funny placeRay Ritchie,
    Reality is a quite a funny place
  • ‘Give Peace a Chance to Work’Colin Korovin,
    ‘Give Peace a Chance to Work’
  • ‘Children and Women’Colin Korovin,
    ‘Children and Women’
  • ‘Please Have Respect’Colin Korovin,
    ‘Please Have Respect’

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