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Self-Taught & Visionary Art in New Zealand

Daniel Phillips
(b. 1978), Wellington

Daniel Phillips attends the art workshop called the Art House in the suburb of Petone.

His preferred and natural medium is pastel. His work is characterized by the confidence of the design, the colour choices and his technique of modulating tones.

Daniel works with certainty and with urgency. There is no reworking. There is a breathless kind of determination in Daniel’s engagement with the world. His speaking and his writing is filled with an emphatic repetition of ideas and intentions, and his drawing is a manifestation of that purposeful nature.

Daniel works through a particular range of subjects, often returning to favourite attractions, such as the idea of travel; trains, planes, and the exotic/ other worlds of art history, only ever accessed through images in magazines.

He is an avid portraitist, returning again and again to treat faces to a crooked makeover. And the ambiguous and shifting planes of cubism have an obvious appeal for his way of applying pastel. When everyday objects get chosen for the Phillip’s treatment they become beautifully isolated, alien and iconic.


Selected Works

  • ‘Plane’‘Plane’, 2008
  • Untitled, after Pablo Picasso, Guernica (1937)Untitled, after Pablo Picasso, Guernica (1937), 2008
  • ‘Pioneer Woman’‘Pioneer Woman’, 2008
  • ‘Smoking Man’‘Smoking Man’, 2008
  • ‘Mask’‘Mask’, 2008

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