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Self-Taught & Visionary Art in New Zealand

Stewart Bradley

A small rural town is the backdrop for Bradley’s work. His studio and his gallery is his sizeable and well-tended garden. The garden is open to the public. Flower beds and vegetable gardens meld with structures created from recycled T.V. aerials and plastic containers. Some of the references of the sculptural wind-vanes are to the nearby airforce base of Ohakea.

A large piece in the front garden faces the street and invites strangers to visit ‘happy-land’. Bradley’s work conforms to my category of Backyardism in that is it very child-friendly, designed to keep moving parts out of reach, and constructed and anchored in a sturdy workman-like manner.


Selected Works

  • HappylandHappyland
  • Happyland (detail)Happyland (detail)
  • ‘Aeroplane’‘Aeroplane’

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