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Self-Taught & Visionary Art in New Zealand

Lucy once worked as a professional cake decorator. She is now an elderly woman and she lacks her former mobility, but her decorative impulse is still strong and it bubbles through in her artwork.

Lucy produces painting and collage, in a matter-of-fact manner; the paint is applied directly without fuss, and the collaged elements, selected simply because of their availability and decorative quality, are applied to the painted surfaces. The result is work that has the feel of naïve handcrafted folk art, but with the added fizz of the magpie collector, and the indulged whimsy and humour of those who have retired from the ’race.

Her preferred subject matter is the classic, the quirky, and the cute; nature in its various guises, eyed with affection and treated like confection.


Selected Works

  • ‘Peacock’‘Peacock’

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