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Self-Taught & Visionary Art in New Zealand


Locating Self-Taught and Visionary Art

The website sets out to establish a context for New Zealand Self-Taught & Visionary art and artists, by:

  • Locating works within the New Zealand art canon.
  • Providing the ‘language’ required to engage in critical discourse through the proposed Self-taught and Visionary Art taxonomy/categories.
  • Encouraging reappraisal and discussion of Self-Taught and Visionary Art by publishing critical writings on the forms, artists and exhibitions.

Connecting New Zealand artists with existing arts networks

The website also sets out to:

  • Promote discussion and raise awareness of a significant and of an often neglected strand of New Zealand vernacular visual culture
  • Raise the profile and mainstream awareness of often marginalised artists
  • Supporting community networking by promoting exhibitions, linking to related organisations, etc.